Baby Blue Madras
Baby Blue Madras
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Corridor Baby Blue Madras $148.00


The Baby Blue Madras is a yarn dyed cotton woven in a mixture of blues, natural tones and yellow. Madras fabric has kept people cool for the past 100 years and should work nicely for you, too. The weave and density of the cotton is lightweight, drapes well and naturally keeps you cool. The plaid is based on a vintage textile from the 1960s and custom milled in Madras for us. Making madras fabric in Madras- kinda seems like a no brainer.

The size and repeat of the plaid are appealing, too - a midsize check (leaving the ubiquitous gingham behind) in easy spring/summer tones. Think BBQ, meeting in-laws, going to Preakness, losing your friends in the melee, making new friends, losing the new friends, seeing your father-in-law double fisting Mike's hard lemonades and flirting with a 20 year old, eyes meeting, he winks, and then later you all eat crab cakes as a nuclear non-debauched family unit. It's that type of shirt.

Fabric Milling: While based on a standard heritage plaid, this fabric was designed and milled exclusively for Corridor by the Original Madras Trading Company, a 100 year old textile and shirt maker.

Tailoring: The shirt was sewn responsibly by the good people and tailors at the Original Madras Trading Company in Madras (Chennai), India.