Red Wing 9866 Irish Setter Pecos $0.00

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Red Wing has been making pull-on boots, a style favored by ranchers and roughnecks, for almost a century. In the 1950s, we introduced the Pecos, named after a town in Texas, and it went onto become one of our most popular styles. Call it a cowboy boot, with a Minnesota twist. Now we’re introducing a limited series Irish Setter Pecos, a pull-on boot with all the historical hallmarks of our famous midcentury moc toe lace-up. We’ve managed to recreate the distinctive “Gold Russet” leather that was once tanned with sequoia bark. In addition to this vintage hue, we’ve added some other throwback features. The “Red Wing” name is embossed on the inside quarter of the boot, the backstay chain-stitch is once again done on our ancient Puritan Stitch machine, we use the same mahogany and sage thread of the original, and the top band is double-stitched. Finally, to finish it off, we’ve added the traditional woven “Irish Setter” label inside the boot and they come packaged in a box that features the original logo and text from the 1950s.